I always try to find a word to describe a chapter of my life, and I do it way too often to be sane, but when people ask me what I’m thankful for I hate the cliché family, friends, home, relationship with God ect. answer, because of course I am, and it’s dually noted…but, how? What have the events of my life really led up to for me to be thankful for? So, this year I’ve decided my word is change. I’m thankful for the drastic and un-drastic changes in my life. I had always been terrified of changing, I had always created things to work out permanently to create comfort with just enough room for adventure. This year was a season of change for me, where I gave up on working to balance comfort and let all adventure take control.  Looking back over the past year, so many things are completely different from the way they were before and I’m surprisingly in love with it.

My relationship with my family has changed a ton over the past year. It’s really gone from being a child to being a (semi!) adult. I have learned that relationships change, phone calls are important and among the changes, family is still forever and changes can super strengthen already strong relationships. Not living at home was difficult for a while, I was lucky enough to have started to make my own decisions before I left, but nothing is like the first night away, but with that my friend group is now compromised of almost all new people. Going to college I was terrified of being lonely. I came from a town where most people had known me throughout childhood, so moving somewhere where I knew one person was definitely a change, but the people I’ve met are absolutely incredible. I have learned that what you learn in eight am classes and what you learn with friends at 5 am are equally as important. I have met friends that I know I will keep in contact with for life and through them I have found important changes in myself. I have also gained a home, actually… plenty of homes. I have found a home at my new school, on couches of friends (sorry, guys) and my tiny dorm room, all while keeping my family home. And my relationship with God; the changes throughout the year have been difficult, but they have made me understand God better and have made me stronger as a Christian. I have learned that my priority through God is love and any place that doesn’t promote love is not the place for me. I have learned to let go of places in my life that were created to promote God, but just don’t work positively for my relationship with God and letting that be okay. It hasn’t been easy but I appreciate the changes throughout my life. They’re just more ways I can be shaped, more things I can be curious about, more questions to be asked, more times I can fall in love with random things and new people. Change is my massive blessing of the year.


“I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.” (Isaiah 43:19)

Hannah Meade

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