a scary little shop…


the best (and funniest) music director and director I could ask for

well, I officially have another musical choreographed under my belt, and it was beautiful. I have been working on the musical Little Shop of Horrors for the past year and it finally opened last weekend. We definitely took a dark, more mature side to this musical all while creating an outrageous musical atmosphere with a talking plant. Throughout the entire process, we definitely had our fair share of trials… but no trial could compare to the alomost flawless show we put up. I learned so much through this experience and I would not trade it for the world, I feel like I truly became a choreographer and someone who thinks in theatre, I thank God for everyone involved.


partner in crime


so so thankful I got the chance to choreograph for this dude, thanks for making dreams come true!


how conversations usually went


the fates + Seymour


Mushnik and Son


our seductive dentist scene


super cool Audrey II


the most talented guys I know!!


my choreographer headshot


the very first day the process!



“we humans are like grass or wild flowers that quickly bloom” (psalms 103:15)

Hannah Meade

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