Gone. Grow.

2014 was a rough, amazing year, A lot of mistakes were made, as were a lot of memories. I learned that while living on God’s earth and breathing God’s air, I AM A SINNER and that the only mere reason i have the love of Jesus is because of His grace. The devil used a lot of very powerful things in my life against me, and started using those things against my thoughts and my actions, and it became really terrible and very dangerous to the person I am. They broke me down as a person and started to take away the core individual Hannah is. and. it. hurt. It left me heartbroken, mourning and missing the parts of myself that I had worked so hard to begin loving. This next 365 days I really want to focus on taking the negative experiences of 2014 up to the very last day and simply grow. Grow in my relationship with God, grow in self love, grow in my abilities to fight off the devil with remarkable faith, I want to take every single negative ounce of energy 2014 gave me and match it with the positive for 2015 and I want to put it into writing that these are the things that I am focusing on this year.

Most people make resolutions of things they want to do or hope to accomplish with the New Year, but I am taking a slightly different spin on the matter. I have decided that I will make a list of 5 things I will fight not to do in 2015.

1. I will not try to fill voids in my life with the ways of the world, but instead turn to Jesus to fill my heart.

2. I will not let the lack of effort be the reason something fails on my part.

3. I will not hang on to toxic relationships.

4. I will not stifle a laugh, give up a chance to explore or pass an opportunity to glorify God.

5. I will not let myself be a second priority in places of my life where I deserve to be first.

With 2014 gone, I will never stop growing and I will live, live, live.

I have also chosen this as my verse of 2015.

“Don’t let the errors of evil people lead you down the wrong path and make you lose your balance. Let the gift of undeserved grace and the understanding that come from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ help you keep on growing” (2 peter 3:17-18)


Hannah Meade

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