17 things, 18 candles…

Today I turn 18 years old, and I seriously cannot believe it. I feel like a five year old driving a car, applying for college and getting appliances for Christmas. It feels really normal, yet really strange… being seventeen years old was an amazing experience and God threw in a bunch of lessons (some very hard to learn) along the way, but the experiences I have gotten this year I wouldn’t trade for the world, I am so so SO blessed. Through all my lessons, here are 17 things I learned when I was 17. IMG_3080

1. haircuts are very important aspects of all people

2. people are never all bad or all good, however sometimes people are all bad for you.

3. healing through a rough patch in your life takes a lot of selfies, it’s okay, if you need it, you need it.

4. family doesn’t always mean a blood relation.

5. if you’re in need of a change, and you ask God for a change, a change will happen. Sometimes immediately.

6. if you cannot control something, don’t blame yourself for whatever happens because of it

7. you have a right to say no if you don’t like/want something or someone without feeling embarrassed by it

8. drinking lots of water changes things, but a little caffeine is good too.

9. hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard

10. figuring out your dreams comes with a stroke of perfect timing

11. traveling will teach you more than school ever could

12. it’s okay to act your age, after all, your brain isn’t wise enough to act wise all the time

13. if someone doesn’t like you in red lipstick or high heels and you like red lipstick and high heels, wear them and blow your mean friend a kiss

14. falling in love is fun, so is kissing

15. God will love you, no matter what terrible thing you do, whether to need a cry-yourself-to-sleep night or a tragedy to find him, He’ll be there

16. Lazy days are only fun if you earn them, plus nature can give you more than four walls and a TV ever could

17. If you start to live a positive life, a positive life you will live. Positive outcomes only

I’m so excited for what 18 has to offer me, so many more adventures.


“your future will be brighter than your past” (job 8:7)

Hannah Meade

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