the beginning…

hello, my name is Hannah, and although that was a terrible beginning, I didn’t really know any other way to launch such a large project for myself other than stating my place. So, my name is Hannah and welcome to the beginning of Hannah.

My goal for this blog is to be lifestyle and fashion based, however the real meaning is to find my meaning in the world day to day whether it be my relationship with Christ, what I wore, or what is on my mind. In my life, I am starting a new chapter, and honestly I am so excited, it has been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to think about just Hannah, and I am completely thrilled for what is in store.

A little bit about myself… I think I’m hilarious, most likely not, but who really cares, Texas born and raised, amazing family, adores traveling, love to write, slightly crazy, I’m a dancer, a senior in high school and a (soon to be) 18 year old, and with my relationship with Christ… I would love to say it’s perfect, I really would love to say that I have the perfect relationship with Him, but frankly, I don’t… I like to think I can solve problems and create the girl I want to be on my own, but no matter how much I work out, the weight of the world is far to much for me to handle, I hope as I grow trusting God becomes much easier, because I know His plan for me is far greater than any one I could compose. I have faith with this blog God has GREAT plans for me.

My sense of style does not have a label, I honestly can’t describe it so maybe through this journey I’ll find a word to describe it.

Through this overall, I hope to everyday become closer to the person I am supposed to come, I have let this blog sit here for ages waiting for me to just find the words to say, and I feel like today is the day and although it’s not perfect, this is it. My overall goal in life is to love Jesus and always, always find an adventure in everything I decide to do, I am so excited for this, whether it be only me reading my words or a million people, it will be an adventure.

here’s to many new beginnings,


Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” {proverbs 4:23}

Hannah Meade

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